February 6th 2017

Why You Should Still Advertise in Print.

Posted by Will Shadbolt

With the rise of the internet and digital marketing, more people have been saying, "Print is dead." Advertising in newspapers and magazines simply doesn’t give you the reach that online banners or video ads can give you. But just how true is this saying? No one can deny that print and print advertising are as ubiquitous as they were in the past, but businesses aren’t giving up just yet.

For example, while car dealerships are putting less money into print now, few plan to stop completely. Instead, many are experimenting with their budget, putting one portion in radio, another in digital and some in print, and seeing which percentages yield the best results.


Here are some stats from Advance Ohio to consult the next time your business is creating an ad plan, no matter your field.


1. 7/10 college graduates read newspapers. Of those, 63% on average read at least one each week. That’s a big market, and one that you wouldn’t necessarily reach online. Even if ads in the paper are not directly translating into sales, it still helps give your brand exposure so that the next time consumers need your type of product, they’ll think of you.


2. 56% of consumers believe that print ads are more trustworthy than other types. Print advertising has been around since the beginning, so it makes sense that most consumers would place their trust in it more than newer forms.


3. 63% actively read ads as they go through the paper and remember more of the information. Ads are generally stereotyped as nuisances, something most people try to skip. But in newspapers and magazines, where skipping them technically should be easy, a majority of readers look at ads in print publications. Plus, by actually paying attention to them, consumers will retain more info than if they had glanced at one while scrolling through the web.


4. Newspaper ads can increase ROI by up to 300%. While not every type of business will see such big returns from print ads, if you know your primary audience is newspaper and magazine readers, it pays to advertise in them. Additionally, remember the point above about brand exposure. Even if you’re not seeing super high ROI from print, it’s still introducing your brand to more consumers, which will in turn help you get more customers.


So, print is clearly very much alive. It may have shrunk, but advertising in newspapers and magazines is still an important area of marketing. Businesses just need to find the right budget percentages for digital and print. How do you figure out what those are? By coming to Giovatto Advertising! We take a 360-degree approach to advertising, so that you’re sure to reach target audiences, whether they’re mostly online, reading print, or some combination. Plus, the creative teams at Giovatto Advertising specialize in cross platform work, so that they can create the perfects ads for websites, radio or newspapers. With over 29 years of experience in the advertising world, we’ve seen our fair share of trends and know what really reaches your customers. Contact us today!

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