February 27th 2017

Why You Need to Engage in Content Marketing.

Posted by Will Shadbolt

Back before the internet, some advertising firms tried to create ads disguised as anything but. The ones in magazines resembled letters to the editor, articles or something else unique. One of David Ogilvy’s first big successes, “The Guinness Guide to Oysters,” is an example of this form of marketing.

This is called content marketing, and it’s still popular today. According to the Customer Content Council, 77% of consumers are okay with seeing marketing like this as long as the content benefits them. You can incorporate forms of it on your dealership’s website and grow your traffic and consumer loyalty. The Customer Content Council again reports that 78% of people want to build a rapport with companies who routinely put out content, and are 61% more likely to purchase from them.

But before you begin creating the content, figure out what your end goal is. Different audiences have different tastes, so make sure you have a finger on the pulse of your targets. Will you focus on sales, service or something else? How often will you post? What type of content marketing will you use? The first two really depend on your target audience, but here are some ideas for the last point.

1. Blogs

If you want your dealership to put out content, blogs are a good place to start. They can bring in up to 55% more traffic to your website, reports Hubspot. Plus, they’re good for SEO purposes, or Search Engine Optimization, which means your website ranks higher on websites like Google.

2. Live Events

Have you ever held a live event like a cook out or movie night at your dealership? They are great ways to get people to come in and engage with your dealership. And afterwards, you can post blogs, pictures or videos of it online—and use those to hype up your next event.

3. Online Videos

We already touched on making videos for Youtube. Here are some basic takeaways from that blog. Know what your audience is looking for and the length of videos they’re likely to watch. One person might want to watch a clip that’s less than a minute, while someone else prefers a long and in-depth video. And not all videos have to be about service and sales. For example, a video could be about other automotive topics, such as checking your oil, or even unrelated tours of the local community.

4. Short eBooks

Emphasis here is on “short.” Don’t make these too long. You don’t want to waste time working on the Great American Automotive Guide only for no one to download your tome. Keep it short and sweet, focusing on helpful tips. And if you can think of multiple ideas, don’t cram them all into one book. Spread them out across multiple texts.

These are just the tip of the iceberg. There are plenty of other content marketing formats. It might seem a little daunting to decide which forms work best, but don’t worry, that’s where Giovatto Advertising comes in. Our creative team can write blogs and other content, and our in-house studio can create any videos you want to produce. We can even help you plan out live events for your dealership. Contact us today and see the different content marketing can make for your dealership. 


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