October 31st 2016

What Less Specialization in Advertising Means.

Posted by Will Shadbolt

Doomsday predictions for the advertising industry as we know it are becoming popular. Print is done. So is radio. You can wave goodbye to the traditional commercial. Clients are expecting more content for less money. And so on and so forth. Tim Roper, an AdWeek contributor, recently argued that traditional advertising is in fact changing, but in much less pessimistic terms. Because now, he says, there is much less specialization in advertising.

Despite differences in what the advertising prophets proclaim, one factor they all have in common is the merging of duties. Agencies are hiring more people in-house, rather than outsourcing to other companies or freelancers. For example, strategic consultant firms are now incorporating creative, PR firms are now making content, and that’s just the tip of the iceberg. In other words, many companies now no longer specialize in just one area of marketing, and this line of thinking is starting to trickle down to employees. 

But, Roper goes on to say, when he first started, it was very different. He had studied film at college and entered advertising with the idea of being involved in all steps of the commercial process: writing, directing and editing. After all, neither Stanley Kubrick nor Quinten Tarantino were just directors. Advertising, however, was nothing like Hollywood. Copywriters only wrote copy. Directors only directed. And, storytelling was viewed more as a series of parts than as a whole.

Now, there’s the writer-director, the director-cinematographer, the proofreader-copywriter and more. Knowing more than one discipline is slowly becoming the norm in the world of advertising.

In addition to bringing more talent in-house, this new multidisciplinary development also has its benefits. For example, agencies can now offer brands more content options, and more options lead to better quality content. Plus, streamlining this process eliminates extra time spent in production and looking for a partner, and prevents miscommunication between companies.

Specializing in a single field, however, is not a negative. But, broadening horizons can only benefit agency workers, agencies and clients. Better content makes everyone happy. Specializing in more than one aspect of advertising is not the future, it’s the present. 

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