January 6th 2017

Use Your E-Blasts to Their Full Potential.

Posted by Will Shadbolt

Let's face it: it's impossible to ignore emails. Even when you're on vacation, it's all too easy to check your work account. Many people even have an email app set up on their smart phone to display new messages. Emails, then, are a great advertising opportunity, and many dealerships have jumped on the medium to send email blasts to potential and established customers. Content can range from the latest deals and offers to general branding messaging. Many dealerships, however, are misusing e-blasts.

Sending the same e-blasts to your entire database is generally a bad idea. Around 60 percent of the marketing your dealership does is unrelated to an individual consumer, meaning that they won't care about most of your messages. Even worse, about half of consumers on your database will lose interest in your brand if you do not offer content or deals relevant to them. 

Here are three tips to make the most of your e-blasts:

1. Send out targeted emails.

We've previously discussed the importance of data and how to use it to your advantage. It can help you break up your list of pre-existing and potential customers and send out messages tailored a specific group's interests. Millennials and older generations don't necessarily want the same content, and someone who's already purchased a vehicle from you probably isn't interested in e-blasts going after consumers who haven't yet stopped by your dealership. 

Sending out targeted messages to different audiences can keep consumers engaged and even boost your conversion rates by up to 28 percent. 

2. Incorporate videos. 

Images and text in an e-blast are great, but including a video is even better. Click-through rates can increase by as much as three times if an e-blast has one or multiple videos This shouldn't just be any video, though. Make it match or complement the content of the e-blast. And, as we discussed last week, think about the video's length. One audience might watch a short video, but another could prefer something more substantial. 

3. Don't overcomplicate it.

Don't make more work for yourself than needed. For certain times of the year, particularly the holidays, it is easier to just send out a single e-blast wishing your customers all the best. You can mix it up, separate pre-existing customers from potential ones and send the groups different messages, but don't overthink it. 

Consider these tips for your next e-blast campaign and see the difference that segmenting your audience can make. And, for your next e-blast campaign, consider Giovatto Advertising. Our creative and web teams work hard to combine gripping copy and art to make your emails stand out. Plus, we have our own in-house studio to keep the costs low and the quality high in any videos you want to include. Contact us today and see how we get you the most out of your e-blasts.

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