September 23rd 2016

Three Helpful Tips for Marketing to Millenials.

Posted by Will Shadbolt

Millennials as a consumer group are growing. At 75.4 million, they are America’s biggest generation, and marketers were quick to try to get in on these new consumers. Perhaps a little too quickly, however, as many of their original efforts fell flat by using stereotypes in campaigns, like a hipster living in a city.

In reality, this generation is incredibly diverse. Research has shown that older and younger millennials are so different, the two require distinct strategies and advertisements. Now, marketers analyze factors such as culture, age and income and use third-party data to understand their target audience. There are still some lingering stereotypes, and marketers would be wise to disregard them next time they strategize a new campaign aimed at millennials.

First is the idea that this age group does all their shopping online. While they do purchase some products from the internet, one group of millennials—those just starting families—are 84% more likely than average consumers to physically go into the store according to Experian Marketing Services’ Mosaic USA. Many view stores as a place to hang out. But while they are talking with friends or relaxing, they are also testing out products and may make purchases later, either in store or online. For this reason, stores like Urban Outfitters or Barnes & Noble have started to implement smaller attractions inside their walls, such as coffee shops and photo booths. So while millennials may visit company websites quite often, they also still interact with the physical store. Markets should keep in mind that consistency across all platforms is important.

Second, many view millennials as disloyal to brands. Mosaic USA however, has found that as long as the products and customer service are high quality, this is not the case. Millennials—especially older ones—are more likely than most to contact customer service if something is wrong, but are also more likely to return to that brand assuming the problem is resolved timely. Therefore, marketers could see numbers improve by including lines about the quality of their product and customer service in ads geared towards those in their late 20s or early 30s.

Finally, some see this generation as being frugal. While it’s true that they spend less, this is a simplistic view of their buying habits. A more accurate word would be “calculated.” They’re likely to purchase items that are high-quality and long-lasting after weighing the pros and cons. Conversely, they can also be impulse buyers. Free trials, free shipping and loyalty programs can attract millennials to your brand. A combination of good products and discounts could steer even more of them to you.

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