November 7th 2016

The Best Halloween Ads of 2016.

Posted by Will Shadbolt

Halloween may be over but you can still watch the quirky, spook-tacular advertisements brands released for the holiday. Presented here are some of October’s best ads. The tones of these commercials vary from heart-warming to funny to scary, but all are memorable and creative in their own unique way.

First, a Burger King in Queens, New York City, got dressed up as the scariest thing imaginable: a McDonald’s. Sheets like those of a ghost costume were draped over the establishment. The name “McDonald’s” was written on in marker and golden arches also were prominently displayed. “Eyeholes” allowed the Burger King logo to be visible, so no passersby were too confused. The spot is filled with ominous music, screams, and bystanders adding their input. “I mean, look at it. It’s scary by itself,” says one man. At the end, the hashtag “#TheScariestBK” comes up for social media users to tweet and post about. 

Kit Kat, meanwhile, opted for two different ads. One features a staple of horror movies, a masked killer. He chases a damsel in distress around the woods and corners her. Just when all hope seems lost for her, she offers him some of her candy bar. Cut to the two of them happily indulging their sweet teeth. “We should do this more often,” says the girl as the masked man nods. The other shows Chance the Rapper shopping with his family when he runs into “Chance the wrapper,” his own image on a wrapped Kit Kat bar. That image starts to sing “Break me off a piece of that Kit Kat bar.” Chance the rapper turns to his family and says, “That’s a good song.”

State Farm and Svedka both creatively played off the holiday’s scary roots to craft hilarious spots. In both of State Farm’s, college-aged people find themselves in cliché horror movie scenarios. A girl walking through the woods at night is chased…by what turns out to be her State Farm agent returning a purse the girl had dropped a mile back. In the other, two people are stuck in the woods when their car won’t start. A vehicle pulls up behind them and what appears to be a claw pops up in their window. It’s only their agent, though, there to give them a jump. Svedka on the other hand explored “first world horrors” in their campaign, where someone’s selfie only gets three likes or a girl doesn’t text back

A particularly ambitious video for Boost Mobile involves 360-degree footage. A clip supposedly found on a Boost Mobile phone shows three friends calling a spirit with a Ouija board. Things take a creepy turn when…well, watch the video for yourself. 




But, no matter the tone, these commercials all have something in common: creativity. Whether it’s a new spin on an old theme or something completely original, it’s easy to see the imagination that went into them. We at Giovatto Advertising put the same amount of thought and creativity into each campaign we craft. No matter what we’re putting the campaign together for, we always create a combination of words, pictures and emotional content that nails the tone you want for your business and moves people into action. Don’t wait for next Halloween, treat yourself now and contact us today!

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