March 25th 2016

Revolutionary Vending Machine Dispenses Targeted Ads.

Posted by Kristi Wendel

ABC’s Shark Tank recently featured a new wave of vending machines, which made history by nearly breaking the show’s record for biggest deal to date. Vengo, the newest name in vending, has found a way to seamlessly combine advertising and consumption like never before. The founders, Vengo Labs, struck a deal with investors Kevin O’Leary and Lori Greiner for a whopping 2 MILLION dollars! It’s no wonder the notorious investors wanted a piece of the action. The value in Vengo is clear- for investors, consumers and advertisers alike. 

The secret to Vengo’s unique appeal is their ability to customize vending into a compact, demographic-driven machine. Its sleek and sexy design makes it ideal for any location, and consumers love the immersive digital experience. From businesses to institutions and hotel empires, industries are snatching this little cube up! Educational institutions, such as New York University, use these vending machines to provide books, headphones and other necessities to its students. Hyatt Hotels makes it easier than ever to fetch last minute items with their Vengos like phone chargers and makeup wipes. Vengo is providing products to people where they are already spending their time- bringing the online shopping experience to busy consumers, with the benefit of instant gratification. 

What makes Vengo more than just a futuristic vending machine? Vengo offers a powerful analytics program that advertisers can’t get enough of. This company has re-invented point-of-purchase marketing and launching your new ad campaign has never been easier. With a typical vending machine, a consumer enters payment, selects a product and retrieves it from the vessel. A short video, based on the item chosen, then plays while the consumer waits to retrieve their product- ideal for showcasing new products and ad-on opportunities. Additionally, the machine is able to sense, capture and respond to nearby foot traffic to attract new customers. With cloud based software, vendors will be notified instantly when re-stocking is needed. Furthermore, real-time technology is utilized to allow for digital content to be adjusted based on location and provide precise targeted messaging. 

Insightful analytics are helping businesses to understand purchasing patterns better than ever. Every time a sale is made, the vendor is notified. In addition to notification of sales, they will also receive a report detailing where the consumer touched the screen among additional pertinent information, which can be used to optimize their ad campaigns. These revolutionary vending machines have been featured in Forbes, Business Insider and more! Big brands are lining up to partner with Vengo and reap the benefits of this unique point-of-sale advertising opportunity. Check out all that Vengo has to offer and make sure your next campaign is Vengo ready with Giovatto Advertising!

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