December 14th 2016

Make Your Ad Referrals Count.

Posted by Will Shadbolt

We all know how important referrals are, regardless of your industry. And while customer referrals are significant, you also need to keep in mind the other ways in which people find out about your business. For example, potential customers could be browsing other websites that run your company's ads. It's important to find out where your visitors are coming from and use that information to your advantage. 

In the automotive industry, this knowledge can help you stand out to the right people. After all, the internet gives you unlimited exposure. On the ever-changing world wide web, there is a practically infinite number of websites. In fact, the average person shopping for a vehicle will visit about 20-24 other websites before they reach yours. Make sure your site stands out. 

Instead of casting a wide net with your online advertising, try to target specific domains. Once you've discovered which sites drive most of your online traffic, you can pinpoint your advertising to focus on them. In addition to clear visuals, include backlinks or hyperlinks to your website to further direct viewers to your website. However, don't abandon the advertising you use for other sites. Just because most of your visitors aren't coming from there doesn't mean the clicks you do get are insignificant. 

The same also applies to non-digital advertising. Mediums like print, radio, and television spots can attract attention to your dealership just the same, but make sure to note which seems to bring in the most traffic and, again, target it. A survey at the store or dealership or via email after a purchase can help you pinpoint which kind of advertising is working most effectively. And, by displaying your dealership's URL, these mediums can drive up your site's traffic. 

Driving website traffic is critical because consumers are likely to engage with your dealership at least seven times before stepping into the showroom. The more ads your potential customers see, the more times they visit your website and subsequently come to your dealership. 

Getting people to your website is critical, but it only means so much if your website isn't user friendly. Create a clean interface so that first-time visitors can find exactly what they want to avoid losing them to your competition. At Giovatto Advertising, our web team can build you the perfect website that combines sleek aesthetics with ease of use. Plus, our full-service agency can create enticing ads for likely consumers across all platforms, so no matter where you want to focus your advertising, we've got you covered. Make sure you're making the most of your referrals with Giovatto Advertising. 

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