April 1st 2016

Intel is Changing the 'Face' of Perceptual Computing.

Posted by Kristi Wendel

In recent years the concept of a virtual reality has skyrocketed with the development of innovative technologies, which give users the capability to change their surroundings. One of the most common methods, the green-screen, has given us the ability to transport into a different world at the click of a button! Intel has taken this technology to a whole new level with the release of RealSense.

This groundbreaking software is a depth-sensing technology, which works similar to a green-screen by tracing around the subjects face and replacing the background, virtually transporting the subject into practically any setting. RealSense software includes hand and finger tracking, face analysis, gesture and speech recognition and object tracking. Powered by Intel processors, RealSense is comprised of an infrared camera, infrared laser projector, and a 1080p HD camera. Now, Intel is working to create its own Augmented-Reality (AR) headset for mobile devises that will utilize the RealSense ZR300 camera and provide a whole new experience. Similar to the Microsoft HoloLens, this device would superimpose real-world images and deliver that information to the user to create a truly realistic experience.  Virtual reality, on the other hand, only offers computer-generated scenes, detracting from the authenticity of the experience.

RealSense technology has been available via 3D cameras and Snapshot cameras built-in to tablets, computers and smartphones with the intention of being used for post-shot editing. It was announced last year that Intel is stepping up their game and will be releasing the RealSense Razer. This device is specialized for gaming and virtual reality and will change the face of the gaming world, offering infinite venue possibilities- where will YOU go?

Like Intel, Giovatto Advertising is committed to bringing our customers cutting-edge technology to make their visions a reality. We use similar green-screen equipment to give our clients the ability to produce commercials and videos at our state of the art in-house production studio. Enjoy the comfort of a quiet and convenient location, with the benefit of advanced tools. Give us a call today to get started on your next project! Until then… GAME ON!

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