July 21st 2016

How Travel Writing is Changing.

Posted by Will Shadbolt

Social media and the internet are changing how travel destinations are advertised. While the old method of explaining the perks of a particular location via lengthy articles is still present, more travel bloggers and celebrities are representing various areas through social media. This gives way to stories that are immediate, personal and have the potential to be shared all over social media. 

Comprehensive magazine articles are shifting to short bursts of pictures and information on social media. In the age of the internet, speedy updates about travels combined with content small enough for even the shortest attention spans spread throughout Facebook, Instagram, Vine, and other apps. And travel bloggers often bring their own unique and authentic perspective with them around the world, writing as a New Yorker or mother or someone who always takes the less beaten path. For example, one hotel looking to rebrand itself hired the family travel blogger Brianne Manz. As part of the deal, Manz posted two photo-essays on her blog, as well as 15 posts spread across social media. With over 27,000 followers on Instagram, 8,700 on Facebook, and 19,000 on Twitter, anything she posts reaches a large audience, most of whom also want to travel with their kids. Before, brands had to choose which magazines had the circulation that hit their target audience, but now they can find bloggers whose followings are exactly what they are looking for. 

This format of "travel writing" has other advantages, too. By posting content in this manner, it creates a more immediate experience for viewers. They do not just read about the author's travels, they get to see them as they happen, either through photos or live posts. This can "humanize" exotic locations. One campaign had a Jordan local post about their daily life on apps in order to put potential tourists at ease.

Other times, destination brands forego the bloggers and journalists and instead pick a celebrity to promote their locale. Las Vegas, for example, got DJ Khaled to come to the city and post stories about his time there on Snapchat for 48 hours. He posted images and videos of himself on the Strip, on a gondola ride, at a spa, and more. Las Vegas picked him due to his popularity and authenticity, and it worked. Before this, the city lacked a presence on the app. After, the city's stories had gotten more than 400,000 views. 

It is clear that destination brands can no longer ignore social media. But, while the landscape of travel writing and advertising is changing, some speculate that it won't change completely. There will still be a market for the lengthier magazine articles. In fact, it might be better to not give up on the form and instead use a combination of social media posts and articles to maximize reach. 

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