January 31st 2017

How to Use Social Media Sites to Your Advantage.

Posted by Will Shadbolt

In this age, when your dealership's digital presence is vital, you need more than just a website. Digital ads and social media pages are becoming more important for raising brand awareness, allowing people to interact with your brand and directing shoppers to your website. Here are some tips to consider when building up your digital presence. 


1. Know where to advertise

Newspapers have been a focal point of advertising, especially for dealerships, for so long that it's only logical to place digital ads on newspaper websites. However, overall readership, is shrinking. Facebook, on the other hand, keeps growing. Thanks to a robust lineup of advertising tools and large audiences, it's the perfect place to market your business and grow your digital presence. 


2. Consumers prefer businesses with a social media presence 

Think about the last time you tried a new restaurant. Did you decide on a whim or did you look up the business first on Yelp or a similar app? Many consumers now look up a business' social media page before heading in-including dealerships-and, according to Automotive Digital Marketing, 7 out of 10 prefer those with an active presence.

As a business, you should be alert to any negative comments or reviews. And if you're going to leave a message, never get confrontational! Instead, it's better to offer to make the consumer's experience better next time around. Take it as constructive criticism and consider how to fix that customer's problem moving forward. A little kindness goes a long way.

Having a social media presence isn't enough-you need to be active. On Facebook or LinkedIn, you can share articles or post the latest news about your business. For Twitter, do that but with bite-sized messages. And on Instagram, post the same with pictures. There are many social media options, so research which sites your customers are on and find the best way to utilize them.


3. Know your consumers

Keep track of your target audience and which sites, if any, they go to. In certain cases, you might even find that social media wouldn't do much for your brand. For example, 53% of luxury car dealerships do not use any type of social media. Instead, 90% of them prefer experiential marketing, inviting consumers into their dealership for an event or experience. However, many find that digital advertising, social media included, is helpful for raising brand awareness. 

So, don't just follow the crowd. Find what forms of digital advertising or social media your audience is receptive to and follow them there. 

It sounds like digital advertising and managing social media can be a lot of work. That's where Giovatto Advertising comes in. Our creative team will create the perfect content to post, no matter the platform, so you can stay on your consumers' top-of-mind. And our digital marketing team will monitor both your digital ads and your social media pages, so you know you're getting the most out of them. Contact Giovatto today and start advertising online where your consumers are.


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