January 10th 2017

How to Nurture Your Dealership’s Leads.

Posted by Will Shadbolt

Did you know that 72% of car shoppers are influenced before they reach a decision about where to buy? This means that even if a consumer is leaning towards a competitor's dealership, you can still impress them with your brand. And since, as we previously mentioned, a consumer is likely to interact with your dealership at least seven times before coming to the showroom, you have plenty of opportunities to drive them to your dealership. 

Here are some tips and ideas to nurture your dealership's leads.

1. Don't leave behind prospects who aren't quite ready.

Not all visitors to your website will be ready to make a purchase when they first visit, and that's okay. Some shoppers might come directly to you via referral and be a simple sell. But not all of your customers, especially first timers, will be such easy pickings. For some leads, you might have to work a bit harder to convert them into a buy. Just remember that 72% stat from before. Even if most people who come to your site aren't prepared to buy or lease a vehicle just yet, the majority can still be influenced.

2. Enlist the help of E-blasts. 

Have an e-blast sign up displayed prominently on your website. This way, when shoppers reach you, they can easily register to receive info and offers from you. Once registered, it's your job to send them relevant content. 

We've touched on this before, and what it boils down to is knowing your target audience(s). Know what their age range is. Know what they're really interested in. And then provide that via e-blasts, newsletters, specials, offers and more. Mix and match methods. For example, using videos raises your click-through rate. Make sure that customer is interacting with your brand-the more times, the better. Even if they decide to shop elsewhere, if you stay at the front of their mind with your content, you can win them over when the time is right. 

3. Accept that most leads will not convert. 

Don't get caught up with some of these hard-to-get people. Ultimately, 79% of all marketing leads will not become sales. But by pursuing these harder-to-convert leads, you will see turn-over. And later on, those conversions will offer referrals that you can easily turn into buyers. So make sure to nurture your leads and offer relevant content. 

And here's another tip: come to Giovatto Advertising. Our research team will analyze your target audience and figure out what information or content they are looking for and how to best reach them. Once that's completed, our creative and web teams will come up with relevant, attention-grabbing newsletters, e-blasts and more. Contact us today and start converting those hard-to-reach leads into concrete sales!

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