November 28th 2016

How Lowe’s is Shaking up Black Friday Marketing.

Posted by Will Shadbolt

Each year during Black Friday, businesses offer incredible deals, and each year, hundreds of thousands of consumers-if not millions-line up to buy. It's even rumored that Black Friday received its name for being that day that businesses would get out of the "red" and into the "black". This year is shaping up to be no exception for stores, and businesses are ready to capitalize on the increased sales. But although the deals aren't changing, the way businesses are reaching consumers is. 

For example, this year Lowe's used Facebook Live to build hype for their Black Friday specials. This new Facebook feature live-streams videos, allowing people to watch and react in real time. Videos are then left up for users to see. On November 2nd, Lowe's first hinted that it would reveal its Black Friday deals on the platform during a "Mystery Box Bonanza." Only 2,700 people watched the video as it happened, but 1.4 million have viewed it since then. 

The "Mystery Box Bonanza" aired last Saturday, hosted by the Property Brothers, Drew and Jonathan, as a 40-minute special. The focus was on mystery boxes presented three at a time. Commenters could vote on which of the boxes to open first. One of them held a Lowe's Black Friday deal, while the other two contained zanier goods. Highlighted products included a drone $30 off, a toolset $150 off and a fridge at a whopping $300 off. As for the special surprises, those ranged from confetti blasts to a butler serving cake decorated to resemble the hosts' faces. Other antics involved air horns, dancing and puppies. 

"The Facebook Live piece is a unique way to engage customers around what we have to offer in the social space around Black Friday and target those customers who already have an affinity for the Lowe's brand," said Marci Grebstein, Chief Marketing Officer at Lowe's. "The thing about Facebook Live is that you have to be somewhat entertaining-you can't just have a spokesperson stand up and list prices-you have to be creative." 

While Lowe's followed up with a more traditional Black Friday catalogue, the live-stream netted the brand lots of attention. With over 2,000 comments, just under 7,000 reactions, about 1,800,000 views and subsequent media coverage, it appears the video was a major success. 

The stunt has opened doors for other businesses as well We could see more brands using social media and entertainment to get their message out to their target audience. In Lowe's case, by announcing the live-stream ahead of time to their almost 3,750,000 Facebook fans, they were able to ensure they'd have plenty of eyes watching. But, if you have a business, how can you be sure your deals are reaching the people who matter? By coming to Giovatto Advertising, of course. Our web team can build you an easy-to-use website and, thanks to our SEO and SEM practices, make sure it ranks highly on search engines. In addition, we can link your social media pages to it, so your fan base won't miss any news. Contact us today!

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