March 18th 2016

Is Your Car At Risk For Hacking?

Posted by Kristi Wendel

In the age of self-driving cars and remote access, consumers need to be aware of the possible risks associated with tech-savvy vehicles. The auto industry has developed rapidly in recent years offering everything from Wi-Fi to automatic braking and parallel parking. While these features make driving a whole lot easier, it leaves motorists at risk. 

The FBI, in conjunction with the DOT and National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, recently released a public service announcement warning drivers of the increasing vulnerability their motor vehicles have to remote exploits. The announcement stated, “Modern motor vehicles often include new connected vehicle technologies that aim to provide benefits such as added safety features, improved fuel economy, and greater overall convenience. Aftermarket devices are also providing consumers with new features to monitor the status of their vehicles.” It goes on to caution that, “… with this increased connectivity, it is important that consumers and manufacturers maintain awareness of potential cyber security threats.” 

Forbes Magazine published an article last year listing tips on how to protect your car from getting hacked.  It seems that most of the potential issues come from necessary software updates to increase vehicle security. While this may mean trouble for drivers, marketers are using this announcement to their advantage. As self-driving cars make their way into the market, automakers are going to need to reassure consumers that they will be protected. We will likely see a slew of campaigns targeting the issue of auto-hacking and promoting specific software safety features. Gone are the days of competing over the quality of seating or the epic sound system. Now that most vehicles come standardly well equipped, the contest will be in how each manufacturer is ready to protect their drivers from potential cyber security threats. 

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