January 23rd 2017

The Benefits of a Repeat Customer.

Posted by Will Shadbolt

Congratulations! Thanks to your dealership's attention-grabbing advertising, more buying customers are coming to you.

So you've sealed the deal, but now what? On average, consumers will hold on to a new car for 6 years and a pre-owned one for 4.2 years. And instead of waiting 4.2-6 years before contacting them again, keep in touch. E-blasts are a great way to stay in contact with these buyers. They can be customized to specifically target previous consumers and keep them coming back. 

Here are three suggestions on how to target previous customers and the benefits of doing so.  


1. Service

Send out e-blasts centered around your service center. Highlight your quality work, include discounts or both. Previous customers' vehicles will require tune ups or even body work, and when they need it done, make sure your dealership stands out as the obvious choice.


2. Vary Your Content

Don't be afraid to mix it up. A simple note like wishing them happy holidays works well. This way, you stay at the top of customers' minds. The next time your previous customers need service or want to buy a vehicle, they'll remember the messages you've sent them. But if you send them only deals they're not interested in, they might start to ignore your e-blasts, so consider the content and its impact on your customers. 


3. Keep Referrals in Mind

During that 4.2-6-year interval when your previous customers are enjoying their rides, they can be instrumental in gaining new consumers. Referrals from friends and family can influence a person to visit one particular dealership. You can help boost the number of referrals you get in a number of different ways.  Even just asking for a referral can be helpful. You could also create a system that rewards customers for pointing others to your business. Let all your previous customers know about anything you set up via email. 

When it comes to referrals, there's really only one cardinal rule about what not to do: wait for one. Be proactive about them, and the number of referrals you receive will skyrocket. 

And be proactive about getting the perfect marketing emails for your dealership. Remember, not all e-blasts will be good for your previous customers. You want ones that specifically target them. So contact Giovatto Advertising today and set up your next e-blast campaign. Our digital marketing department can create the content you're looking for to help keep customers coming back to your dealership. Plus, we have 29 years of automotive advertising experience and have seen our fair share of industry trends, so we can get you the results you want!

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