November 18th 2016

A First Look at Holiday Ads.

Posted by Will Shadbolt

We may not be past Thanksgiving, but that hasn’t stopped brands from looking to the holiday season and releasing festive ads. This week, we’ll focus on foreign ads that are making waves across the web. Some companies want to capitalize on all of the holiday buying. For others it’s simply become tradition to release commercials around this time. But, no matter what, it’s obvious a lot of these brands are upping the quality to make the ads as memorable as they can be.

The British retailer John Lewis, for example, tells a full story with its ad. The night before Christmas, a father stays up late to set up a trampoline for his young daughter. That night, foxes, badgers and other animals sneak on to it while all of the family remains oblivious. Except for the dog, that is. He stares out the glass door at the creatures, growling. The next morning, the little girl rushes out to her present…as does the dog, who beats her there and bounces on the trampoline as triumphant music plays. The spot ends with the tagline “Gifts that everyone will love.”

An ad for Heathrow airport also walks the line between humor and heartwarming. It shows an old teddy bear couple flying into the airport for a family reunion. The bears go through all the normal steps—claiming their baggage, getting their passports checked—while receiving some help from passersby along the way. At the end, they meet up with their family and in a cute twist…well, you’ll have to watch it.

Not all of these ads are heartfelt, however. Another British retailer, Argos, opted for quirky. A group of yetis race around icy streets delivering Christmas presents. Why yetis? Jim Bolton, a creative director, was quoted in Adweek as saying, “This campaign brings out the excited Christmas Eve kid in all of us who just can't get to sleep, they're so eager for the big day to arrive. We hope our lovable yetis bring excitement to thousands of British households this Christmas, reminding us of the joyous, fun-filled experience the festive season should be.” And, not to be outdone by their rivals, Argos even released a yeti parody of the John Lewis ad.

But what is perhaps the most memorable ad isn’t even in English. The commercial for the Spanish Christmas lottery is five absorbing minutes. This lottery is different from most U.S. ones. For one thing, the payout is incredibly high. Last year, it gave away more than $2 billion to winners. The drawing occurs on December 22nd, and because of this, advertising for the lottery typically focuses on communities coming together. 2015’s commercial, entitled Justino, tells the story of a factory worker with graveyard shifts and the effect he has on his daytime counterparts. Rather than using real people, the spot was animated in 3D similar to Pixar’s latest films.

This year, a grandmother mistakenly thinks she won the lottery when she sees the drawing on TV. The twist: it’s actually December 21st and the news is replaying old clips of the lottery. She goes into town to celebrate. Her son brings along a reluctant grandson as he calls ahead so that the townspeople are in on it while he tries to decide when to tell her. But the enthusiasm of the crowd they bring together is infectious and even the grandson participates in the fun. At the end, it doesn’t matter who will actually win the next day. The excitement of the community is the real holiday present.

In addition to the festive themes, all of these ads have another similarity: high production values. Many brands, including the ones listed here, go all out for the holiday season. So, if your business is putting together a TV commercial for the holidays, why skimp on the production? At Giovatto Advertising, we have an in-house video production studio, which lets us keep costs low while maintaining creative control to make sure we have the shots just the way you want them. We also have broadcast cameras, a full editing suite, a green screen and more. Whether you want to make a heartfelt ad or a quirky one, an ad for Christmas or another holiday, we’ll create the perfect commercial that boosts your sales!

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