January 16th 2017

5 Tips for Turning Potential Customers into Purchasers.

Posted by Will Shadbolt

So, your car dealership is using website referrals, videos, e-blasts and more to attract consumers, and now a potential customer has stopped by to browse your selection. The average vehicle shopper only visits on average 1.2-1.4 dealerships. That means anyone who comes by isn't just interested, they're also likely buyers. Use your sales team to help direct these potential consumers toward making a purchase. Here are some tips to help guide shoppers into a buy. 


1. Choose your greeting wisely.  

You always want to greet customers when they first enter, but not all greetings are created equal. If you open with a question about if they need help, chances are they'll respond with "I'm just looking." Avoid that with a proper welcome and introduction. That way, they're more likely to answer by introducing themselves or saying thanks for the welcome. In any case, it opens the door for conversation.  


2. Go on a test drive with them. 

This is a great chance to build rapport with your potential customers. And any questions about the vehicle arise, you're on hand to answer them. Plus, sometimes driving an unfamiliar car can be intimidating. You can take over if they get too nervous. On the other hand, if a customer insists they test drive by themselves, don't push it. 


3. Answer all their questions.

This might seem obvious, but what if customers start asking none-car related questions? Answer: you still answer their questions to the best of your abilities. Why? Customers like trustworthy salesmen. They may be trying to see if they can trust you and the information you're giving them about a car. 


4. Listen.

There's a stereotype about salesmen speaking rapid-fire about all the features of a product, but if you can get the customers to talk about their life and listen thoughtfully, that's even better. Most likely, listening will impress them and let you gain their trust. But don't forego discussing the benefits and selling-points completely. Just make sure you leave room for candid conversation.  


5. Read the customer. 

Every customer and situation is different. What helped turned one into a purchaser may turn another off. One car you just sold may be very different from the next. Try to see what your customer wants. Everyone wants a great deal, but there's always more behind that. Remember, customers visit on average 1.2-1.4 dealerships, so if they're with you, they must have motivation to buy. Maybe they're looking for a pre-owned car, or a large SUV with certain safety features for their family. If they're not completely upfront about what they're looking for, or don't even realize what it is they want, listening to them talk can help you figure it out. 


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